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How to Start with Blogging (Full guide for beginner ) - Andro Tricks Shubham


Want to be a blogger and want to be paid for blogging?

Well, both are possible and nothing can be well more than to follow your passion. In 2020 some so many people are starting their blog and many are thinking about starting their blog. They are doing for many reasons.

Some of them are:

  • To share their information
  • To earn money
  • To promote business
  • For traveling
  • For reviews of gadgets and kinds of stuff

Maybe you are also one of these, or maybe you have some other idea. Whatever it is, blogging will support you to achieve your goal. So today I will give you information from my journey to your journey. When I started blogging, there was no one to tell me about this field. But I still learned it because I was interested in blogging and I am. From my experience and according to me blogging is not a job, it is a passion that can never be finished.

But no matter what the passion is, a man coming to a place feels lack of one thing, and that is income. No matter how good it may be, but nobody can do it free. Human beings need money to live, that's why no one would like to do blogging like this. That is why today I have come to tell you everything about blogging. So, you never make the mistakes that I made in my life.

If you want to start a blog, first ask yourself why do you want to start a blog? After all, what is the reason that makes you agree to walk on this living? And will you be able to do blogging, you can of course if you do this work with your heart. And if you say to do blogging because you will earn money from it, then believe me that you will not be able to do it at all. You will take care of blogging for a few days, but if you do not own your blogging, then you will leave it.

Blogging is not a work of 24/7, it is a passion that forces any man to work. Blogging is a motivation for those who hope that they can do something big in their life. You can do anything with blogging. You can make money from blogging, you can roam around the world, you can build your kingdom, you can increase the people you want, and there is something that can be done through blogging to live a good life.

Maybe this is enough to know about blogging, so let's start step by step. This is our first post that tells newbies how to create a blog and how to run it. Now we will make many such posts that will give information about blogging from beginning to advance.

You will be able to read them in time to come.

So if you want to start your blog, the first thing you will need is the topic. You should always be careful about which topic you would like to write. You should not choose the topic at all, which you do not already know. Just like what most people are doing at the moment, they are sitting on the tech blog. More people do not have any information about their topics. When I first created the blog, it was about comics and I had no knowledge of comics, due to which I proved to be a failure on my blog and then I started taking information about which topic I can write well on. I created my blog which is now known as Andro Tricks Shubham. I can write anything and anything about my blog and people also like my blog. How did all this happen? Because I know what people want to know.

So it is important that what a user wants in blogging and when he wants, you can give it to him. So it shows that the topic of a blog is very important, you should choose your topic very carefully. Now there are many categories for blogging, so you can choose any one of them in which you are the best.

Now let's come to where you will prepare your blog? If you search on Google, then you have many results in front of you, which can give you a blogging platform. And the most famous of them all are WordPress, Wix, and Blogger. Most of the people will know all of them. So now confusion is born here to choose which platform? So I leave that to you. If you want, you can start your blog on any platform, but some things should be known to you.

WordPress - This is a much better platform that allows you to create any type of site. You can start a blog here, as well as you can create any kind of e-commerce site, real estate site, social media site, and many other types of sites here. You get to see millions of themes on it, which fit perfectly with your site. If you create your blog or site on WordPress then you can do your site or blog in any way. And you should know that more people in the world, who are the ones who create a site on WordPress, also because of its professional interface. WordPress site is also very helpful in bringing good rankings in Google. If you create a blog on the platform of WordPress, then it is more likely that your blog should be ranked within 2-3 months.

Wix - This is a very good platform and at the same time much easier than WordPress. Now you may run towards Wix, but you should know that you cannot make a professional site on it because after some time it gets slow with more pages. Wix is ​​great for sites like Portfolio and it is also much easier and flexible to use. If you build your website on Wix, then you will not have to take any hosting separately.

Blogger - Blogger is a free blogging platform where you can blog easily. Blogger is a very popular tool from Google and many people are earning very well from it. It is much easier to use Blogger. But it has some limitations because it is free, you cannot make your site exactly as you want. You only have to work with a few subdivisions already given in it. But it is free, that's why this is a good site. But it takes a lot of time to rank the posts, due to which a lot of work has to be done. But if you are completely new, then you can start your journey with blogger and you will also get information about the site.

Choose a domain name -

A website's domain is like a business brand. It is very important to have a domain name for the website, due to which the identity of your website becomes in the market. A domain name is considered very effective for ranking your posts. So that's why you have to be very clever while taking the domain name for your site. So that's why you have to be very clever while taking the domain name. There is an idea with which you can get a very good domain name. You have to take care of three things while taking your domain name. 

And this is that -

  • Your domain name must be easy to remember.
  • Must Easy you type.
  • And you should be easy to pronounce.

While taking the domain name, take care that you do not buy any such domain. The shorter the domain name, the better. For example, The domain name should not be more than 12 characters as well as be aware that the domain name extension should not be .online, .net, .info, .tech. They make a huge difference in the ranking. Your domain extension must end with .org or .com.

Your domain should match your website's name, for example - suppose my website name is ShoutmeLoad, so I keep my website's domain similar to this, like,, Some such domains that are easy for the user to remember.

You have to take care of these 7 things -

  1. Domain should be easy to remember
  2. Domain should be Easy to write
  3. Domain should be Easy to speak
  4. You prefer .com domain more
  5. Your domain name should not be confusing
  6. Your domain should not be-long. At most 12-13 characters
  7. And you should not use domains like .net, .online, because it reduces the ranking of the website.

Choosing a Web Hosting

Let's go ahead now and know, how and where to get hosting. Hosting plays a very important role in website creation. If your hosting provider is not good, then your website may face a lot of problems. As more people do, initially they want to get any cheap or free hosting on which they can create their blog without knowing its cons. You have to keep in mind that free hosting or cheap hosting is not always right unless it is taken from a trusted brand. It is very important to have a good brand for web hosting. If you take hosting from any such hosting provider, then it has nothing to know when it will stop its service and when all the data made by your website should be gone from you forever.

So let's know which are the hosting providers that are the cheapest and trusted so that you too can get hosting from there and run your website without any problem.

So first we talk about HostGator -

  • HostGator - HostGator is the most used server for hosting. Its value is better than GoDaddy and SquareSpace. In this, you get to see 3 plans and the basic plan starts at $ 5.95. In this, you get to see a single domain service. And in all three plans, you get a free certificate and unmetered bandwidth. So it can be quite a good hosting for you, but you should also look further, there are names of other good hosting providers.

  • Hostinger - Hostinger is a very much considered hosting provider. Its plans are very good and its basic plan starts from 0.75 $ / month. And in the basic plan, you get shared hosting in which you will get one domain, subdomain, email address, 100 GB bandwidth, and 10 GB drive space. And if you want premium shared hosting then you have to pay 2.15 $ / month. In it, you also get unlimited drive space, database, bandwidth, and subdomains. Then maybe you have a good choice.

  • bluehost-hostingBluehost - Bluehost is the recommended hosting provider in my way. And it is a good hosting provider for many reasons, so let's know why it is so good.
  1. Free Domain Name for First Year
  2. Free SSL Certificate Include
  3. 1-click WordPress install
  4. 24/4 support

This was its special feature and its basic plan starts at just $ 2.95 / month, which is much cheaper than many hosting companies. You also get a money-back guarantee for 30 days at Bluehost, so it's great for those who want to start from scratch right now and you can also host your existing website on it for just $ 149. Because of its cheap price and its convenience, it is much more popular in people, so in my way you can take it and if you want to take another hosting, you can take anyone and I leave it to you.

So we talked to three web hosting providers which I thought might be good for you. And now we will talk about how you can set up your blog.

Blog Setup - After hosting your blog, here are several things that you need to keep in mind before writing your first blog post. So let's know what are those things that you should know.

Chose Blogging Platform - You should be careful about which platform you want to create your blog on. People have different opinions about the platform here. Some people believe Wordpress is good, while many believe that Blogger and Wix are good. But I have already given you the information about these three openly, then you must have known that if you want to blog for a long time, then you will have done your WordPress. That's because it gives you easy approval to AdSense and ranking in search engines and you will be surprised to know that 30% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress.

So it is sure that after getting this much information, you select WordPress, and don't be afraid your selection is absolutely right. You choose WordPress and prepare your blog.

What your blog is about - niche, as we talked about the topic of the blog earlier, so it is important that you prepare your blog on which topic. Choose a topic that you know more about. And keep in mind that the topic you are choosing takes your mind. You choose a topic on which you can talk throughout the day and how much you can write, only then you will be able to tell the people what is there. And also take special care of this fact that you choose the topic in which you have the most information than anyone else. Give yourself a little more time to know what you are good at. I am telling you all this because you cannot blog on everything in 2020 and it will be very difficult to handle many blogs.

More people, as I told you earlier that you want to create a tech blog, you can create it, just you should know about it. And you have to take care of whether you know about Tech or not. Because more people do the same thing, take some information from YouTube or Google and then think that let's blog on this topic. But think this, can you tell people something new from your side? Because you want to tell what you ask yourself from Google. So what can you give new to people? And if you go to give what people already have, will people come to you? I do not think so. 

Now you must be thinking that on which topic blog should be made? So I will say that you should make the topic that you are the best in. Maybe you know more about Hobbies, then you can give information about online hobbies. Maybe you are very interested in sports kits, then you can give your opinion about it to people. You may get more information in relation, then you can understand people about relations also.

So you saw that there are so many great topics about which you can prepare your blog. So I assume that you have chosen the topic, so we go ahead and know more things.

Now let's talk about your blog designing

Design of your blog - After everything the design of your website is very important to the user. They say "Jo Dikhta hai vo Vikta hai". So your blog design must be good. There are lots of themes in the market for blog design, which goes on to take your blog to the next level. But when choosing a theme, you have to take care of some special features. So let's know those things.

When you download a theme from a third-party site, you should be aware that -

  • Must be nice to see a theme
  • The theme should be responsive
  • Theme speed should be fast
  • The theme should be SEO friendly
  • The theme should be simple
  • The theme must have a rating and reviews option
  • And then your theme should be like that of your business.

Plan Your Content - When your website is ready, then it comes out to plan content. Content planning is a very important step to run a blog. 

Content planning gives us the idea that we have to post something on our blog. So this is a very important part of blogging. 

You can use any tool like Excel, Google Sheets, or Trello Board. Through them, you will be able to analyze your content and also prepare a checklist.

Writing Your First Blog Post - So now this is the topic that everyone wants to know more and more. It may be difficult to write a blog post for the first time, but it is not when you are giving information about that which you already know, then what problem can you have. How can you not write when you know about it? Just keep in mind that for whom you have been writing the post. For a community or a single person.

Because if you are writing a post for a person, then your tone will be like mine. I am talking to you about the tone of "You" and "I". When you are writing a post, then think that if someone is sitting in front of you, then you are telling it. This will make the post quite smooth and also creates a friendly tone.

Add Important Pages - It is very important to have important pages on a blog or website. Pages can be of any type, such as on common terms, we get to see about us, contact pages, and terms and conditions pages. These pages are very important for any website. These pages should contain your website related content and not over any topic.

Driving Traffic To Your Blog - You have created your blog. You set your theme. And now you have also written your first post. So now the question comes, how to bring traffic now. This is the most liked topic of Newbies, how did it bring more and more traffic? I have already written a post on this topic, by reading it, you can know how to bring traffic.

Come on, you have learned a lot, with this post, let's go ahead and take your knowledge to the next level. So as you are public, it is very important to be social to be famous.

Take yourself Social  - That's why it is very important to take yourself socially. Social media is the place where people can follow your website or blog. Very few people follow the direct blog or website, but easily anyone follows you on social media.

How to earn money from blog - After everything, now the blogger wants to know how he can earn money from his blog. So know that there are many ways to earn money from blogs but earning is not easy. I will talk about it further, before that we know about some special ways by which people make money.

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell ​​your own products (e-book, software, courses, and anything you want to sell. You can sell online.)
  • Direct Ad Sales
  • Sponsored content

So today you know a lot. Today I told you the simple things that Newbies should know. There is much more to tell, but this post has become very long, so I will tell the rest of the ideas and secrets in my next posts. So if you also want to become a great blogger, a great affiliate marketer, then read our upcoming post and also read the ones we have put up till now. If possible, subscribe to our website's newsletter so that no posts are missed by you.

I welcome you to this website. I have tried to add whatever was possible in my post, but still, if you have any question in your mind, then you can ask me a comment. And if you find this post good and informative, then share the people even further so that they too can read and prepare their blog. That's it for today, see you again with a new post.


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