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How to earn money online on youtube - Andro Tricks by Shubham

Howdy, guys welcome back to my new post! I am Shubham Ghasi and today I am back with this new, interesting and money-making post 🤑, just for me 😎. AAhh Just kidding 😁. This post is for all anybody who can read this post and can earn money online. But this post going to be on youtube earning. In this post, you will find: How much you can earn with youtube? How you can earn with youtube? How will you create a channel? How you will get paid for your videos? Different steps for earning from youtube? How much you can earn with youtube? To update your knowledge with one more idea you have to read our post. Youtube, is one of the best social media where more than 2 billion users are active (Worldwide). There is so much traffic on youtube and you can earn money from it. Youtube earning is also not so easy, but it's interesting work. There are some names of the most popular and most rich YouTubers. According to Forbes, these 10 channels were the top earners on YouTube from June 201

How to Write a Blog Post in Hindi - Andro Tricks By Shubham

How to Write a Blog in Hindi - Andro Tricks By Shubham Hello Guys! I am Shubham Ghasi and I am back with a new post in which I gonna tell you that How you can write a post or blog in hindi very easily with your default keyboard. Yes, you can write a post, message, letter, article for a newspaper and for others. Hindi, Hindi is India's official language and approx half percent people of the country are speaking Hindi. But till most people think they could never do anything that can make them a successful man or a woman if they can't speak in English. But one thing I want to clear you in the first, that this phenomenon is just a myth. Look at China, Japan, France and other countries like that. They give less preference to English and more to their official and national languages and still, they are developed. Remember that never shy to talk in Hindi and never shy to write in Hindi. Now let's move ahead and talk about writing in Hindi. If you can write in Hindi

How To Use Google Meet - Andro Tricks By Shubham

Hello Guy! I am Shubham and today I bring to you a new blog that will help you to understand that ho you can go with Google to meet. If you don't know about google meet then, It's a new business platform powered by Google. This Google Meet helps to make video calls with up to 16 participants. It has a tiled layout interface and you can use it for your group business meeting, Team meeting, celebrations, virtual classrooms, and at many other places. Google meet is a G Suite application and you can use it from Gmail also. You can save your more time using and accessing it directly from Gmail. But it only for the Gmail Web. This is a really interesting feature about G suite's Google meet. This Google Meet provides great video quality for its users. with up to 30 fps. It means you can share your full motion with your participants and can present a good presentation with your team. It also adjusts light quality very well. When you are calling from a low light area, it's l

GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC, Xbox, PS2, PS1, Laptop - Andro Tricks By Shubham

All-time best GTA San Andreas Cheats For  PC, Xbox, PS2, PS1 and Laptop Hey guys! This is Shubham from Andro Tricks by Shubham and I hope you are enjoying GTA San Andreas. But now I am sure that you had been bored that's why you came to this page. You need cheats that can make your fun double and Tripple. GTA San Andreas is one of the most famous games ever played by game lovers. And lakhs of players still playing this game not matter that  GTA V has released. Okay, it's enough, Now you will see all the cheats related to health infinite ammo, disabling your wanted level, nearly infinite health, item spawns, and plenty more. GTA San Andreas Cheats - Andro Tricks By Shubham GTA San Andreas PC Cheat Codes The PC version of GTA San Andreas uses keyboard cheat codes. Enter these codes at any time to activate a cheat These cheat codes focus on gameplay mechanics and affecting the world/NPCs in GTA San Andreas. HESOYAM  - Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car BAGUVIX  - (Semi)Infinite Hea