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How to Earn Money Through Content Writing in 2021

How to Earn Money Through Content Writing in 2021

There are lots of ways to earn money by working online, content writing is one of the best. By doing a content writing job, you can earn from 15000 to 25000, you will be able to earn according to the work you do. And in this post, you will learn How to Earn Money Through Content Writing in 2021.

Content writing is a good source of money for students. If you are also a student and looking for part-time work, then content writing can be a good source of earning for you.

If you have just started learning to blog, then content writing can prove to be a good skill for you. After doing content writing, you will get writing skills so that you will be able to write your blog.

So if you also want to earn money from content writing, then you have to read this post completely. In this post, I will give you complete information about how you can make money from content writing.

I too started my career with content writing. At that time the charge for content writing was Rs 300–400 per article of 500-1500 words. But after I came to know that I can also charge according to content words. And if you also know how to write content in a good way, then you too can charge for Hindi content of 0.30-0.80 Rs, and for English content, you can easily charge 1-10 Rs (depends weather the content is technical or non-technical).

What is Content writing?

Before going to content writing, let us know what the content is. Content is called that which we are entertained or we get some information after watching or reading from it.

Like you have just come to read this blog to make money from content writing or to get some information about content writing, this is also content.

Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, it is also content for you.

There are many big websites in the world, where there are many articles published daily, in such a situation that no one person can publish so many articles in a single day. Because it takes a lot of time to research, then whoever has a website, hire some content writers who write the articles.

Whose money they also get. So this is what we call content writing. If I say in easy language, then the work of writing an article on your website or any other website is called a content writing job.

How to learn content writing?

Let's now know what to do to learn content writing. You must have good learning power to learn content writing.

You may have to write anything in content writing. Many times you also have to write such posts, which you are not aware of. So in this way you have to read well from the internet, then you can write the content in your language.

To learn content writing, you should know a few things. Just like you should know On-Page-SEO, know non-grammatical mistakes, you should have good writing skills and you should know good basic graphic designs.

On-page-SEO: When we write an article, we have to make it SEO-Friendly, then that article gets ranked in the search engine. following things comes under it.

For example, in every article we are writing, we have to rank any keyword on the search engine, then we have to use that keyword in its placement. Image alt tags, headings, and URLs all have to be taken care of.

No Grammatical Mistakes: Whenever you are writing an article, make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in it. If there is no grammatical mistake in your article, then it is very good for you.

Because many times people write anything in a hurry to write an article and in such a situation, when the readers read that article, if your article has a very obvious mistake, then you leave the article.

By doing this, your active users start decreasing which is not right for you, and you can never copy any other website and write it, it can be very bad for you.

Good Writing Skills: If you want to be a good content writer then it is very important for you that your writing skill should be good. By writing skills, here is how you write.

Whenever you write an article, you must write the headings in it so that by reading, the user can understand what the article is about. And don't keep paragraphs too long, try to finish in 2-3 lines.

And whenever you write a line, it should make sense.

And if you learn this then you can easily get the job of content writing and then you can earn money from it too.

Basic Knowledge Of Graphic Design: Along with great writing skills, you also need to have the essential knowledge about graphics design. Because whatever we write the article, we also have to attach some graphics or images.

We cannot download and install someone else's image from the internet, it can give you a claim of copyright. That is why we have to make original images of ourselves.

And therefore, you should have basic knowledge of graphics. You can create attractive images using Canva or Photoshop.

Both of these are excellent tools to prepare graphics, if you do not know them then you can learn them online.

How to make money from content writing?

So, friends, I think by now you must have understood a lot about content writing. So let's now know how to make money from content writing.

If you have good knowledge about anything, then you can write related to it and you can be paid per article.

But nowadays, all the content writers take the PPW basis. PPW (Pey Per Word) means how much you charge for writing a word.

If you are new in the field of content writing, then you can now charge a word from Rs.20 to Rs 0.30. This means if you write an article of 2000 words, you will get 200 Rs for it.

I have told you this about Hindi content. If your English is very good, then according to the English content you can charge a word up to Rs. 1-10. This means if you write an article of 2000 words, you can earn up to 2000–10000 rupees. It depends on whether your content is technical or non-technical.

After all this, you must have understood how you can earn money by writing content.

How to write content?

Till now you have also got how to make money by writing content? Now they know how the content is written. So now if you also want to write content, then you should also have topics and then you can start writing content on those topics.

When you know about your topic, then you have to find related targeted keywords of that topic. To find keywords, you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, SemRush.

Next, you have to search those keywords on Google and once you read all the posts there, then later that you will have to compose the article more reliable than them.

Or you can search on YouTube and watch the video and then as mentioned in it you can also write it in the article.

Write down whatever you want to write in an article first so that you don't forget what you want to write in your article and where to write it.

Whenever you write content, you can use the formula given below to make it good content.

Content writing Formate - How to Earn Money Through Content Writing in 2021

When you write content, first write the introduction of the article in it, what are you going to tell in that article. And then after that, you can add images. Then go and write the main content in your article.

Now, if you can, you can also write the Pros/Cons and related queries. Also, you can add FAQs to it. And in the end, you write the completion, this is a method to write an article which you people can also use.

After that, you read it again to see if there has been any spelling mistake or if any sentence has been written wrong.

And after doing this your good article is ready.

How to find and where to find a content writing job?

You can go to freelancing sites to find content writing jobs, but only work is given to experts.

So in such a way you can use a site like Facebook. By visiting Facebook, you can follow pages related to content writing, blogging, and digital marketing.

Also, you have to increase networking with bloggers so that your good network is ready. And then you will get a good job.

All the bloggers on sites like Facebook need content writers, so you can get good work.

So if you demand them for work, then you may get work, or if there is someone who needs content, then they can recommend you.

Or you can make a list of some websites and mail them on their email and tell them about yourself. And if any of them need content, they will tell you.

But you will write them a sample post first so that you can show them your work.

Or you can publish content on your blog, you will continue to earn it and at the same time, your portfolio will also be ready.


Content writing in the world is something that will be done by every blogger in the beginning, because if you say you want to blog, then it may take 1 year, then you can earn instant money by writing content.

Your writing skills are also good with content writing and you get to learn many new things about blogging. Apart from this, you also get identified with Pro Bloggers.

So if your mind also wants to do the work of content writing, then in this article I have told you everything from my side, but if you still want to ask anything, you can write a comment.

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