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What is backlink and how to make high quality backlink?

What is a backlink and how to make a high-quality backlink?

What is backlink-how to make high-quality backlink-Andro Tricks By Shubham

Do you want to know what is backlink and how to make it? Because it is too important for any blogger. 

There are many doubts occurred in freshers mind about backlinks that what is a backlink and how to make high-quality backlink? And there are many more questions implemented on backlinks. So we will discuss today on this topic. Blogger makes many efforts and learns new things every day to make their blogs successful, which then they will use to famous their blogs. And the whole people of the world can access their blogs. There are many ways to popularised your blog and SEO is one of them, which is also the most important part of your blog makes famous. And when we talk about SEO the first thing occurs in our mind is Backlinks.

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People who are in the field of SEO had known about Backlinks. And those people who are fresher in this field and starting their career in blogging then it is very important to know about backlink. Therefore today I will explain to you about backlinks so, what are backlinks?  That helps us in blogging by giving a high ranking on the google page. 

These are the following we will talk about :

What is backlink-how to make high-quality backlink-Andro Tricks By Shubham

(1) What is backlink? 

      How many types of backlinks? 
      Types of backlink:-
(a)  #Do follow 
(b)  #No follow

(2) How to make a backlink for your blog? 

(a)  Write quality content 
(b)  Do guest blogging 
(c)  Start commenting 

What is backlink- What is a backlink in SEO? 

A backlink is a link that makes way to your website from another website when any webpage is connected to another's webpage then it will be said a backlink. We will learn with some easy examples like suppose there is a very good website in which lots of visitors visits to read their articles every day if the link to your site is given in that web page, then visitors of that page will also come to your webpage by clicking on the link of your website will continue to grow every day and your website search engine will start coming at the best rank. This is what we said backlink. 
What is backlink-how to make high-quality backlink-Andro Tricks By Shubham
You must understand what the backlink is. Now you have some words related to it that you need to know about it very much then you will be able to understand it better and use it in your blog. So let's know about those terms. 

High-Quality links:- High-quality backlinks come from quality websites. Quality website is those websites that are popular and that have high value in google or in any search engine. If your website got a backlink from a quality website then your blog also starts ranking in search engine.
What is backlink-how to make high-quality backlink-Andro Tricks By Shubham

Low-Quality Links:- Low-quality links are those links that come connects your site with erroneous, spam, or porn sites. These types of links will never give you profit or ranking but damage your site. So when you are using backlink always remember to link your site with a high quality link. 
What is backlink-how to make high-quality backlink-Andro Tricks By Shubham

Link juice:- When a link to a webpage is limited to the link of anyone article on your website or link's to your homepage, link flow from there goes to your website, we link it to juice. This link juice helps you rank your article and also improve your domain authority. 


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